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did this season, and definitely the best sketch of the last half, "Career Day" sees Adam Driver -- and the show itself -- at its very weirdest. That's the idea here, and everything that ensues -- from Glover's incredible reaction to all the strange revenge moves -- is beautiful.

As an aged oil baron, Driver attends his teenage son's career day and explains in great detail what it's like to work in oil. Episode date: May 5 The whole Donald Glover episode came packed with highlights, but none more oddly specific than this riff on Oran "Juice" Jones' "The Rain." The song, released in 1986, details how the R&B singer follows and confronts his girlfriend about her infidelity. Episode date: April 14 The seafood section of a diner's menu is just there as a joke, right?

Especially when the product they're selling is a not-at-all discreet toilet. He was supposed to show his junior scientists (Cecily Strong and Mikey Day) what happens when you add oil to water, but when one of his non-true-or-false questions yielded a true Episode date: February 3 Wielding Tide Pods, a special Andy Samberg appearance, and lyrics like "Say somethin' 'bout the motherfuckin' prequels, bitch," Natalie Portman reclaimed her bad-gal image and struck fear in the hearts of a certain breed of fans. -- sequel to "Natalie's Rap" might not have been all that surprising, but it definitely didn't disappoint.

This wasn't necessarily the weirdest Beck-and-Kyle sketch we'd ever seen, but it was definitely the grossest. A feat all the more impressive considering how quickly it had to come together.

It was the kind of beautiful mayhem that really underlined the Episode date: January 27 With Trump in the White House, there's been a lot of misguided "I miss Dubya" sentiment. Trump came in and suddenly I'm lookin' pretty sweet by comparison.

knows exactly where this sketch is going to go as soon as it starts.

The show prides itself on finding common ground between couples who want wildly dissimilar things for their new home -- he wants a water view while she loves the downtown, etc.

Before the premiere, revisit some of the best moments from 2018 episodes so far (and if you've seen them all, check out the funniest unspooled their favorite discarded "screen tests" from 1992. really, just an excuse for a bunch of great celebrity impressions.

Pete Davidson, as Adam Sandler, was an especially nice surprise.

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