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Then there are network services that could be on-demand like file shares, printers, VNC, SSH, and so on.

The bottom line is in these modern times way more stuff happens after startup, so instead of trying to anticipate everything you might need and start it all at boot, why not build a system that launches and stops processes on demand?

sysvinit has a static configuration and launches processes one at a time, in order.

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It was configured with simple text files easily understood by mortals, and it was a friendly constant amid the roiling seas of change. Linux has been contentedly using sysvinit (System V initialization) to manage system startups for ever so many years now, except for distributions like Slackware that use the BSD-style init.Even if nothing got fried they were detected only at boot.Auto-detecting and auto-mounting removable devices has gone through a lot of stages in Linux.So with the extra functionality in D-Bus it seems a natural expansion of duties for systemd, as PID 1, to function as the full-time Linux process babysitter, and bring the efficiencies of parallelization and dynamic resource management to a running system, rather than simply starting the system and then going to sleep until the next reboot.This a bare introduction to the intricacies of systemd and Linux process management.

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