Who is ruby gettinger dating

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Let me be 150 percent honest that my identity became my weight number. They sit in the balcony section, cheering us all the way and saying, “You can do it.” “We believe in you.” “You are special to us.” Balcony people are the great encouragers in our lives and we ALL need them!

At her heaviest, this Savannah, Georgia, native weighed 716 pounds.I believe we will never conquer this unless we do it in this order: soul, mind and body! Right now, my workouts are walking with Jeff, Jim and Mellie (Jeff’s American bulldog), on my treadmill with my music, or Zumba at home or different classes in town or out of town! Plus I am in love with ‘Siringo’ Cole Hauser and obsessed with Jack The Ripper, and while in London bought a book with actual documents and thinks I have it all figured out! Danna and Toni said: “People love you not because of your story of weight gain or loss, but because you are genuine and real.We must find out what we are feeding, or what we are starving! You truly care about people and the condition of their heart.” And: “To embarrass us you made us believe you were flashing people in the Rite-Aid parking lot.Or truckers riding by on the highway.” This is funny! My Bible, the King James version, tells me to not judge others and to love one another as He (God) loves us and as we love ourselves.

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