Who is paula jai parker dating

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Paula Jai Parker estimated net worth in 2018 is Under Review.

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Meantime, what happened during the Paula Jai Parker child molestation?

That’s when Paula said, “I never check a chick about my man. I do not appreciate the “Bottom line is, we all are actors and we are all used to being able to email the writer of our project and ask questions.

Because Paula has such control issues with Forrest, that’s just something she drummed up in her mind. We’re all trying to have fun with each other at work.

I do enjoy doing predominately black film because it’s fun. I had a baby and I was out of the game for five years and during that time, Hollywood forgot about me. So, when I had this opportunity to do this show, I took it and ran. So it’s really given us all a platform to become producers. There was nowhere to run, so we had to tackle them. It’s weird, because they put a spotlight on your issues, and me, personally, I don’t do that.

I brought my girls–they asked me who I wanted and I suggested some people, and they chose everybody I would have wanted. My husband is the writer of our project so it’s gotten him in the game.

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