Who is marshawn lynch dating

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Since the guy crushed for years, all I mean is you would think there would be more media hits.Before we get to it, we do briefly need to mention an assault accusation. ML was on IG LIVE from Marcus Peters account the day they had the party at Rob Bens for Rob Bens birthday. I wish nothing but great this for him regardless of who he is dating. There was a point on the video when Chica walked up to him and handed him her phone.

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She said the Warriors Parade after they won the championship was one of her favorite days ever. He wandered over to the reporters while they broadcasted, interrupted them, and then asked the woman out.

In 2014 a woman accused him of assault and personal property damage. A few months after the woman made the accusation, the cops charged her with making false accusations.

Apparently she hooked up with some guy she , she said she is not the mother of his child and they are not together.

Netta released her first album, Electrik Rebel Sounds- The EP in 2009; the following year OMW 980 was released, followed by Love, Pain & Music Mixtape, 580 in 2015 and finally 880 in 2016.

Although she is an Oakland gal, she doesn’t have any photos that suggest she is a Raiders fan, however, she sure likes the Golden State Warriors.

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