Who is gale harold dating

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He apparently has a big secret and is played by Gale Harold from 'Queer as Folk' He is a new character to the show and is signed on for season 5.He apparently has a big secret and is played by Gale Harold from 'Queer as Folk' do you mean as friends or who they are dating?And Scott has been to see Randy perform on stage on the east coast as well. Randy has a boyfriend whom he's been seeing for almost two years now and Gale is (supposedly) in a relationship with Yara. R12 and how do you know for sure what randy and gale did or didn't do I read about gale in ny to and about the boyfriend for randy and girlfriend for gale but again how sure are to know what randy and gale did or didn't do? They almost stopped using tongue in the later seasons? As actors they showed so much on screen, maybe, just maybe, they were a little unconfortable with that and were happy to tune it down.Back in the day there was a poster here who claimed to be a make up artist on Qa F, who loved to post epic screeds about Gale and Randy's love affair. Then the Webmaster (back when he used to post) posted exposing the poster as a liar who was pretending to be a whole bunch of different people in different threads.And oh puh-lease, Randy really isn't that good-looking, he's above average, I'll give you that much. He is straight and married but I have to admit that without his awful tiny beard, he is really good-looking.[quote]It's scary how willing people are to believe what they want to believe. And it's scary that they continue their obsession for YEARS after the subject matter has ended.R22 Those who will not care about you NEVERHASBEENANDNEVERWILLBE. Most that was posted around here was proofed as fake using troll-dar. I'm only shocked that none of the LOTR tinhats have kept it up.So that claim to disprove the various reports that Gale and Randy had an affair is not credible.

" threads on a regular basis, and inevitably someone would post, "Yes they were, a makeup artist who knew them used to post here."I don't know them and I have no idea whether they ever dated/hooked up but after that I don't believe anything from people claiming to know them or know about them.Randy dated journalist Simon Dumenco for quite awhile and now he's said to be dating Brian Belukha.On-screen chemistry does not automatically mean the… He is currently dating Yara Martinez who he has been off and on with since 2006.It is all speculation due to their undeniable on-screen chemistry.Gale is actually dating fellow actress Yara Martinez, whom he starred with on the TV show Vanished.

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