Who is el debarge dating now

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Bobby was not a bad person, he simply suffered in life like all of us, and myself included.

Bobby was a very sensitive young man according to those who knew him.

That statement would implicate Bobby as haven engaged in Homosexual activity or used needles to inject the drug heroin or both while in prison.

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Etterlene said that drugs are what paralyzed El’s music career for so long.Even before the Debarge came out in the 1980s they had two older brothers named Bobby and Tommy who were members in a music group named switch.Bobby was the oldest of the Debarge children and Tommy was the second oldest.Bobby was the lead singer in the R&B group switch before he left the group.Bobby had a beautiful falsetto voice, and it was his voice that made switch so popular. The Debarge children are bi racial Robert Debarge Sr.

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