Who is bam margera dating now

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A woman named Elizabeth Ray, who lives on the same street where the Note was located, went down to the club one night to complain about the noise.

That gave way to another facetious band with the unprintable name of F—face Unstoppable.Also straight to home video in 2008: Margera's holiday comedy, , a documentary devoted to the addiction struggles faced by titular skateboarder and friend of Margera's; in 2016, the production team released a trailer, but the film seems to be waiting for a distributor.According to Margera's IMDb page, he's also playing a police detective in an upcoming thriller titled Running a bar, restaurant, or concert venue isn't easy—a great deal of paperwork, licensure, community relations, and headaches go along with it.So that's when Ray went home, grabbed a baseball bat, found Margera at the Note once more, and allegedly struck him in the head with it.Margera was treated overnight in a local hospital's intensive care unit for head injuries.

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