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It was Wolfe who supposedly convinced Fritz to create a show about their work.

is the way Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz haggle over hidden gems, which they later flip for a mega profit.

Millions tune in to watch Wolfe and Fritz travel the country in search of hidden gems.

Instead of combing auctions and flea markets, the pair digs through old warehouses, junkyards, and treasure troves that are decidedly off the beaten path.

Before starring on the show, Wolfe's business partner and childhood friend, Frank Fritz, was a fire and safety inspector for 25 years.Mike Wolfe admitted that he brought her on board, in part, because of her looks. She reportedly logs a 2-hour commute three to four days a week to work at Wolfe's Antique Archaeology shop in Nashville, and she helped open the Pickers' second shop in Music City.She also owns her own store called 4 Miles to Memphis.Fritz reportedly sent a confirmation via text message but never followed through with the sale.Fritz didn't cash the check, and Bruce never got his precious item.

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