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Focus on solving this problem, you can read the following steps for reference. Any ideas why my i Phone Calendar has a square around the date while my boyfriend’s has a circle?You can also check the FMI status on your i Phone 2G for free by using this link Free FMI check for i Phone 2G.In order to check thet status on your i Phone 2G you need to enter your IMEI number.

Step 8: When you see the ‘Done’ screen, Your modified file is ready to be restored in your i Phone.

Only the i Phone 3G, older i Phone 3GS, and older i Pod touch 2G will work untethered with redsn0w.

I would recommend most users wait for an untethered jailbreak since it will be easier in the longrun, but if you’re determined to jailbreak the latest i OS, here’s how: Extra step for i Phone 3GS, i Phone 4, and newer i Pod touch with redsn0w jailbreak: If you encounter problems with Cydia running on any of the tethered devices, you need to reboot the hardware and reconnect it to redsn0w with the “Just boot tethered” option enabled.

Update: Unlock i Phone 3G, 3GS 3.1.3 firmware After jailbreak, Check out our guide to unlock i Phone 3G, 3GS 3.1.3 firmware.

This guide will show you how to use Quick Pwn 2.2 to jailbreak and/or unlock your i Phone 2G.

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