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One drawback to choosing Barnes & Nobel is it doesn’t offer free shipping on textbooks. With the rising cost of college, getting cheaper books or renting from a service can be a great way to save a few bucks.But, we know what it can be like to hunt around for the right edition online or to waiting around for your books to arrive while your professor keeps assigning readings to the whole class.After ordering the same textbook from eight online textbook rental companies, we think that Chegg Books’ updated policy puts it ahead of the rest.As soon as you’ve ordered your textbook from Chegg, you can start reading the e Book version online.Renting from Chegg also gets you access to textbook solutions to help you work through problems your professor assigns, and the support of the hub forums where you can look up frequently asked questions 24/7.

If you rent digitally, you can earn points and credits for returning your e Textbook early.

There’s an annual fee to be a member, but you can try out all the perks for six months if you’re signing up as a student for the first time.

Amazon’s search options are easy to use, and you don’t even have to go to a special location of the website to type in the information.

Chegg is an online student hub that, in addition to online textbook rentals, connects students with online tutoring, scholarship services and test prep.

After our testing, we think that Chegg offers some of the best textbook rental options because of its flexible rental periods and instant access to an e-text version of your book.

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