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You should never be with someone that you don't love. Security attack--any action that compromises the security of information (In simple terms, attempted to cause damage) Security Mechanism-- It is a mechanism that is designed to detect prevent recover from security attack Security Service--makes use of one or more security mechanism Protection is important because if you love something you protect it. National Security is the most important part of American politics today, and it should trump all other necessities on our nation's budget. It's extremely likely that the things you want to hear are also the same things she longs to hear. Speak of an all-encompassing feeling, the joy of which is Brand-New in the history of Mankind.

Speak of the security of your love and never, ever needing to wonder if your love still lives.

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Bills not notes When talking about currency you have to use the term 'bill' not 'note' or the bank teller will look at you askance3.'Restrooms' not Toilets self -explanatory isnt it ? Holler when you need to get out of a packed subway car If you happen to be hemmed in a packed subway car and need to get out at a station - you need to holler - 'getting off' and the crowds will part like the sea for Israel.5.If you are on a public bus and the back door doesn't open Try yelling 'Backdoor' at the top of your lungs and rest assured the door will open6. Most people who live here have come from somewhere.When you first come to the city there are certain quintessential New York quirks that you have to get acquainted with if you have to embrace your life as a New Yorker.1.

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