Telegraph dating kindred spirits

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The two are long-time members of Riverbend Paranormal and have done their own ghost and haunting investigations for years.

But they’ve hit the big time on the TV show that started the nationwide obsession with researching the unexplained.

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“But then the next night my sister had the same thing happen to her.

But if we run into a situation where it is paranormal, we get to the bottom of it and we teach these people how to understand and to deal with the phenomena.” Stratton’s approach is equally thorough.

“We always try to look for the truth,” Stratton said.

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GODFREY — Two Godfrey residents hope that if something goes bump in the night, it’s your finger hitting the remote to watch them on the A&E Networks series “Ghost Hunters.” Best friends and neighbors Brian Murray and Richel Stratton are regulars on the famed paranormal investigation series that has returned to television with new episodes airing every Wednesday evening.

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