Teen dating violence education funny dating anniversary sayings

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counseling, medical, and legal support) may often result in teens not seeking or obtaining critical services to prevent, stop, or become educated about abusive and/or healthy relationships.

Or, if they are available in the community, they are fee-based and many youth, parents and guardians may not be able to pay required fees.Service Providers Current services provided by domestic violence organizations or outreach programs have been identified as difficult to access or utilize by teens who are not sure where to go for support.Barriers cited include organizational operating hours, legal and confidentiality issues, access points, and lack of teen-specific services.It is also evident that many service providers and institutions (such as law enforcement, prosecutors and judges) that interact with teens have limited knowledge of complex abuse dynamics in all intimate-partner relationships, as well as limited knowledge in collaborating on ongoing safety strategies with and for teen victims.Other identified gaps are present in rural programs.

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