Tboz dating dalvin from jodeci

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A.” Reid, who had co-founded TLC’s label La Face Records, “flipped out” when he first heard “Creep,” and the decision was made to name the horn-inflected soul track So does T-Boz’s lame boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) know that he inspired a No.

'” But T-Boz makes Billboard a promise about the “Creep” creep: “You know what?

It would have to be a girl who has a lot of cool personality like a prissy tomboy. The only difference was that we [were not in a relationship]. I executive produced it, and it was a part of my life. You can buy the lace-front weave and anybody can have her hair.

She has to look good with blond hair, because she must swag out the blond. All you got to do is call up Tyra Banks and ask her where she gets her wigs from.

Dalvin and that he still doesn’t know that she was cheating with his friend…’ I was in the middle of this drama, because the other guy was [my boyfriend’s] friend, and my boyfriend was just not getting it together.” T-Boz shared her relationship woes with producer-songwriter Dallas Austin, whom she grew up with in Atlanta, and Austin in turn penned a TLC song, “Creep,” that he thought T-Boz would be perfect to lead.

T: They get mad when I say this, but I don't give a damn. I just think that brings a conflict of interest in the beginning. At the end of the day, it's about making money and having a career. Some girls can't deal with that, and I've always had girl problems. They've always been jealous, tried to take my boyfriends and lie on me.

Some girl groups have girls trying to steal other girls' boyfriends and that's the ultimate no-no.

I don’t think people know that Kandi has a raw personality, so I would like to see who she is going to bump heads with, because she doesn’t take any mess either. If you don’t pluck her nerves, she’s easygoing, but if you do, I can’t wait to see her mouthpiece.

She’s not one of the wives where the husband makes a lot of money and she uses his money to start a business. We just went to lunch and that’s something that’s natural. The only reason and the only person that I would have gone on that show for was Kandi and that’s love. We’re talking to companies now so right now it’s just talk.

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