Tao dating system

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It’s humorous simply because The Tao of Badass not simply help you in getting good final results with women, however becoming successful within various other phrases of life span.

And even if you’re telling yourself that you’ve got absolutely nothing a woman would want, you can dam’ well cancel that thought RIGHT NOW and think again It’s not my job to take on the challenge of changing your beliefs about yourself, but I’d like you to see that tiny illustration as an example of what the Tao Of Badass can do for you on a much bigger scale…. Well, it can help you completely change your deeply held NEGATIVE beliefs about yourself (as in “No woman will ever want me” or “I just can’t get a decent woman”) into something POSITIVE and attractive to women.

Now you might think, and you’d be right, that the Tao of Badass sounds a bit like pickup artistry.

Pickup artistry has a bad reputation, quite rightly, because it was really disrespectful of women; in fact it was all about using manipulative strategies.

I don’t actually have any doubt about that at all, but before I go on to tell you why, I’d like to talk for a minute about why I’m so convinced that the Tao Of Badass is the program needed by all men who can’t get a relationship, or who can’t get a relationship that satisfies them.

And yet this is a caricature of modern manhood: a man who could fistfight his enemies into a pulp, seduce women and take them by force, a man who was frightened of nothing and took crazy risks at the drop of a hat….

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