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Both are equally fun to play, which is why we suggest you try both!Our Classic and Snapback tables can be played by two to eight shufflers, with groups of 4-6 being the ideal.A little down the line this became a silver penny - hence the term shove ha’penny – but it became so addictive, Henry VIII decided to ban it for being too distracting. The game involves two teams of players sliding weighted pucks along a table, with the aim being to land them in the scoring zone at the other end.

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It may be smaller than its sister floor-shuffleboard venue, but it’s got a big personality.

I love seeing him like this, after all he deserves it. ' Princess.' Cole said as he grabbed my arm. ' ' What time shall I pick you up for the party? I smiled slightly before replying, ' Seven.' He nodded, then winked as he walked out of the lunch room. We need to discuss some things.' Gee said quickly as she pushed me forward.

He quickly jumped up out of his seat and stormed out of the lunch room, ignoring everyone who tried to talk to him.

We have two types of shuffleboard table – the 18ft Classic table which is the more traditional, long, straight table with the scoring zone at the other end.

Or the Snapback – a new style table - which is squarer meaning you bounce the puck off the back bar, back towards you into the scoring zone on the bottom right.

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