Stocking dating

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Stocking displays a supernatural proficiency with her katanas.This includes the ability to spin the blades fast enough to effortlessly deflect bullets, the ability to send out razor-sharp slicing waves by swinging her weapons, and the ability to spin like a top with her swords extended to damage everyone around her.

Her hair is navy on the outside while pink on the inside, and is tied with a bow (dark blue in human form, light blue in angel form).

However, she acts quite enraged and sensitive whenever anyone calls her fat.

Stocking can usually be seen eating various desserts throughout the series.

Stocking physically appears as about 17-19 years old (though in reality she is about 1700 years old), which can be deduced from the fact that physically she is at least one year younger than Panty.

Because of this she can still attend high school, most likely as a second year student.

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