Speed dating outdoors

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That’s helpful, now you only have 395,000 results to consider. Choose A Location The vast majority of anglers drive to Canada.

They offer the opportunity to meet each other in a relaxed high caliber setting while enjoying fun conversation.

Northern Pike—look for the biggest bodies of water you can find.

The bigger the system the better the odds for catching big pike. Lodge Setting There are two settings for lodging…multiple cabins with other anglers in camp, or a remote cabin by itself.

Here are 5 quick steps to help you find the right match: 1. You can drive into very remote areas, so also determine if you want to get away from everything, or be near a city and other services. Here are basic guidelines, but keep in mind there are exceptions to every rule.

Set Your Price Cost is the biggest factor in choosing a lodge, resort or outfitter. Walleyes—look for shallow, dark, fertile water with current.

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