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Out of the House he is one of the best platform speakers of the day—suave, strong, and commanding, full of knowledge, an ideal member. Forster, sister of Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, is one of the best women platform speakers in the kingdom. Then again there is a " second member ” for the Sevenoaks Division about whom one hears the most charming things when discussing politics. When her husband is busy she can always take his place, and deliver a speech without notes on any of the political problems in such a way as to excite the envy of local Radicals, and rouse Unionists in Sevenoaks to a high pitch of enthusiasm. Stephen’s Chambers, Westminster, is the central association, with Lord Hillingdon as president, a very strong list of vice-presidents, and an Executive Committee embracing some of the best workers of the Unionist cause in Kent. P., chief of the Unionist party organisation, made an important statement last night on House of Lords reform. Days ago it seemed as if nothing new could be said on any of the subjects discussed during the past month, but to-day. Similar cenes were witnessed in other parts ot the constituency. The first day’s operations of the 1st and ‘2nd Divisions, which took place yesterday, are described below — A CRITICAL NIGHT. A p Hrt of his command lie had detached and placed under Brigadier-General R. Davies, an officer of the New Zealand force-- attached i for the time being to the British Army. which were seized by noon and left in the care of the cyclists of the Hth Brigade. There they came into contact with tho Brown cavalry, and a lively skirmish took place in the late afternoon, the Whites holding the place until ousted by superior numbers, and then falling back on Thetford, where the infantry were beginning to arrive fresh and free after a 14-mile march almost without a halt. Smith-Dorrien, who as general officer commanding-in-chief is holding his inspeetional manoeuvres previous to the departure on Sunday from Ludgershall and Tid-worth of the «‘3rd Division for the grand manoeuvres. He has chosen quarters near the edge of the village of Limbach, four miles to the south-west of Oschatz, which, with Mügeln, is one of the chief places of interest during the operations. The furniture in the Imperial hut consists of a desk, a cupboard, a table, and two chairs, all of deal, a camp bed, a zinc bath, and a pitchpine wash-stand. So.35 1 4.fl(b..4ri 1 1 ite.'t twelve unmoored buoys repie entiiig floating mines and bearing certain numbers were di.'tnbuted within an area described by imaginary lines three miles east and vr-|, the Palace Pier nnd three miles seaward.

obtain an agreement on the main lines of reform among all sections of tho Unionist party, and this, I am sure, your efforts will go far to promote.—I am, Sir, yours truly, C. Such a proportion would be less than the importance of the outer Empire justifies, but there aro practical objections, such as distance and 'he expense of maintaining representatives who must almost necessarily be paid considerable salaries, to a larger scheme of representation. There is a little laxity here, and while the money question is, of course, important, it is far more important to bind active workers by getting them to pay even a small amount. The local branches of the Tariff Reform League are not taking any risks, and are working very hard, and the habitations of the Primrose League never slacken in interest. He wa3 bound to say that he would like a purely elected Chamber. Attempts were made by the White force to get the range of the aeroplane each time it made its appearance over the columns, but the range-takers differed so much in their estimates of the height and speed at which the machine was travelling that it was useless to attempt firing on it. The two armies are of equal strength, but White has the advantage in mounted troops, and her army was ready first, the Brown mobilisation being still incomplete when war was declared by White. 1 he White force is composed of a cavalry detachment from the Cavalry School. Ever since the Ea-.t Surrey Water Company decided to apply to Parliament for powers to use more water from the source of Croyaon s supply lor the benefit of other districts in Surrey and Sussex tiiere has been unusual activity in the corporation offices. It is noted that the menu this evening includes lobster and venison. I will take the Radical view first, and the view of one of their highest authorities in the district—and right inside the district amongst the electors. Besides, we can reckon on tlie lack of incentive in the Unionist ranks with a 4000 majority behind them - and they may got a big surprise, more especially if Mr. There appeared some local common sense about it, and it is as well to know what your opponents are thinking, although with work the Unionists may have a very easy task to hold Sevenoaks. Everv-thincr is so kind to the division that unwise complacency may result. He is working from Chislehurst as a centre; but Chislehurst itself would never send him to Parliament. Asquith remains in power over the initial year of the Insurance Act and can pass his Plural Voting Bill. This is well known to Radicals, and hence the feeling that he is a “ decoy ” working the division for the “ candidate we hope to get,” as expressed by our Radical friend. Some such provision would be necessary if we are to get the proper class of men to represent the Greater Empire. P., Lord Sackville, Earl Amherst, Majcr Wreford, Mr. Bromley, Beckenham, Chislehurst, and Sevenoaks did their share, and the working-class voters of the two former came up well, but there was an unsatisfactory margin between the list and the actual voters in several parts. Two and a-half years had passed, and nothing had been done. The situation at nightfall is very interesting, the Brown 1st Division being at Elveden in a position to operate with effect against either flank of the White 2nd Division along the line of the river, or, if need be, to strike in between and isolate a wing while the other portion is engaged. Early this aiternoon the division moved into bivouacs along the line Larkhill. Lloyd) has spent most of his vacation time in preparing Croydon’s case. Ian Malcolm, the member of Parliament lor Croydon, who has already made a name for himself in the House of Commons, and Mr. Su.'sex Mofor Yacht, Club brought to a mioco.'M'ii I cio-e ; A'eat her ua." pcrlert, v :t h a 1 iwt'c/p. observing “ It i' the one event I have wished to f-eeurc.” To-dar. You cannot expect a wealthy citizen to neglect business interests in his own country for the privilege of doing a great deal of unpaid work ; and equally you do not want men of the “ retired ” class who, in the Oversea States, as elsewhere, are on the look-out for “ honours” and social distinction Nor can you fairly ask a man to face tho chance of falling, by a defeat at the polls, from a position of dignified affluence to completo poverty. that a businesslike way to carry on the iffairs of the nation? Free Traders had often asked him: “Are you going to cheapen articles by taxing them? What will happen during the hours of darkness can only be surmised, for the opposing generals are skilled in the game of war and are not likely to be caught napping. Durrington Down, and Fargo Plantation Major-General Sir II. Malcolm intends to lead the opposition to the Bill. A.-, on Saturday, the finished at the Palace Pi* thioiiged v. T was 11111 01 intero."ting events, I niler,\"t w.-v; aroused by the scouting competition for Th* fnnrfnrd ( hallenge ('up.

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