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Street in Durkeeville, a neighborhood in the Mid-Westside area of Jacksonville, Florida. The building’s long been silent, it’s rusted fencing leaning to the side and its white brick darkened by about 60 years of neglect and Floridian humidity. Maybe Jacksonville wants its teens to have safer places for casual vandalism—again, we don’t know.

What matters to us: this industrial carcass just might be the hallowed birthplace of the six-pack. ”) And that actually may have been close to the way it went down.

You magazine that despite the break up, "Elon and I are best friends.

The 26-year-old actress found herself defending her feminism and the photo, saying that feminism isn’t about her “tits” but about other bigger issues like liberation and equality.

Musk, the boss of and lead investor in the electric-car startup, was previously the cofounder of Pay Pal, a payments startup bought by e Bay for Musk and Heard grew close as she endured a difficult break-up.

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