Single dad and dating

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However, with the pressures circulating around men to provide, it can feel more overwhelming and discriminatory for a man to expect the mother to pay him child support – although the law is clear.There are fathers standing up and speaking out across the globe about these types of issues and the laws that were created many decades if not centuries ago.– In the UK, the law state that the father registered in the birth certificate has a duty of care to “take control” of the financial requirements of the child.In the case of single fathers who have custody of the child, they may request child support payments from the mother.The legal view – Helen Kay of HMK Legal “Whilst single dads have the same rights as single mums in terms of the legal right to request flexible working, many feel that there is a stigma attached to asking to go part time and that it will irreparably damage their careers.The workplace culture needs to change so single dads and men in general can feel comfortable making such requests.” Father’s Day is soon approaching!Our job in #This Thing Called Parenting is to shoot those arrows higher than ours have gone.#Single Moms #Moms #Single Dads #Dads #Parents #Grandparents #Parenting Village #justbecause #ourchildren are like #arrows in the #hands of a mighty #warrior ? A post shared by Sharline Nabulime (@sharlinenabulime) on The laws regarding dads in general are still dated in many countries across the world: – In Australia the ‘Lone Fathers Association’ was set up back in 1973 and for decades they have been fighting to support and help single dads fight the unjust laws towards them.

The life of single dads today is more complex than it ever has been before.The obstacles and issues facing single dads occur because of: So for a father, his abilities as a sole parent or guardian are brought to the fore and judged a lot more harshly than in other circumstances.Of course a child needs the influence of both parents in their life.First of all, in a world filled with hope & optimism for equal opportunities & progression, there are still many equally imbalanced viewpoints that are ignored and swept under the carpet.This is even more the case when the topic of discussion doesn’t move with the status quo being promoted at any given time.

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