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I have taken doxepin as part of a pain management program for more than a decade, and it has worked extremely well for me.It puts me to sleep easily, and I only wake up once or twice a night, but I fall back to sleep easily and quickly. Since I'm now 65 , insurance companies prefer medications which supposedly are "more safe." Silenor is prescribed for individuals having difficulty staying asleep.

I was prescribed doxepin 25 mg for sleep 2 or 3 months ago it definitly helped me get to sleep and stay asleep.I took a break from it and went back to another Rx for insomnia. I was foolish enough to get another Rx for Silenor filled but by that time discovered a coupon/rebate program that got my price down to so figured what the heck.I get so desperate for sleep, I'll do anything!As a last ditch effort, my PCP said I could try Doxepin. I had itched non-stop for over 2 years, which as you can imagine was a nightmare! My effective dose initially to help me stop itching was 75 mg twice a day. Oddly enough, it has never made me sleepy during the day, but helped me sleep at night.I did gain weight while taking this medication, however, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism as well, so I don't have anyway of knowing if the Doxepin was the cause of my weight gain.

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