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Getting them right the first time means you can present great work product to the partner and not bother your client with multiple signature requests.There are well-established guidelines for how the signature and date sections should look on a legal document.In a deferred closing situation, more time and resources are devoted to negotiating pre-closing covenants and other important provisions in the operative agreement.Typical pre-closing covenants restrict actions that the target company may take prior to closing, including refraining from entering into material agreements and incurring additional debt.The ideal witness has known the signers of the document for a long time and does not have any financial interests in said agreement.This third-party witness should keep a copy of the legal document for his personal records.This post is part of our First Year Associate series, where we’ll provide explanations to simple issues faced by first year corporate associates.

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The notary public has a stamp with its own signature space and date. You can also get a bank officer to guarantee your legal document.A simultaneous closing may also increase stockholder risk, since the target company may have to "go public" about the transaction by soliciting stockholder consent and contractual consent from customers, suppliers, and other third parties without having a binding contract in place.In these situations, a deferred closing structure allows the parties to determine the rights and remedies of each party in the event the required consents are not obtained.A simultaneous signing and closing can be advantageous to both parties because it eliminates transaction risks during the intervening period.For example, the target company may suffer an environmental disaster or lose a key customer contract after signing but prior to closing.

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