Sex dating for virgin men

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After all, you seem to somewhat unfairly judge his living situation.Are you sure he’s immature because he lives with his parents?

We often talk about them as if they’re only about giving up something.Instead, make sure he really understands that your sex life is important to you, let him know that you care about him, and let him know that you respect his upbringing, since, after all, it’s part of what made him the man you’re happy to be dating now. (The dumber, the better is my general rule, since we all get in trouble when we assume to know more than we do.) How did he become the man he is?Your assumptions about his more conservative upbringing might not be accurate.You say this guy’s “such a nice person,” so I wonder how much of this discomfort about sex was, as you suggest, about his insecurity — and also perhaps your own insecurities.It’s hard to talk about such personal issues with someone new.

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