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GFA Clause If you are generally fucking annoying, you may be kicked or banned.This includes all kinds of things, and may mean different things to different people, but if for example you just type some gibberish, or try to make fun of the rules, or push the limits, or just post some stupid you tube links, or do anything else that annoys the group or one of the moderators you may be kicked or banned under the GFA clause.There are serious issues with not only being kicked from the chat room, but also in us recording and giving up your personally identifying information in cases of harassment.harassment (from ) (either harris-meant or huh-rass-meant) n.

I am re-mentioning it here to bring your attention to it, additional info is found on our terms of use page.Posting pics / videos (or links to media) of anyone who is not 18 or older is not permitted here.This includes pics where there is no hardcore penetration or nudity.In most cases these “temporary kicks” will auto-expire in 10 minutes, or a few hours.This gives people a chance to read the rules and understand that they have been warned.

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