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I have to many wahj to keep up with LOLThey need alot of help seem like they cant get enough texter.But yea they are a great company they have all kinds of texting and different line and you get paid every month so that is one down side I didnt like thats why I went with LST wich is weekly pay and they are great to and there hirering.Any advice given by forum or mailing list participants is not endorsed by By participating in these discussions, you agree to allow and its parent company Maricle Media, Inc.

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Chat Recruit from Universal Talk is one of the most reputable UK companies providing a global platform for adult phone chat, adult cams and psychic phone chat.

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FOR ALL ADULT AND NON ADULT TEXTINGcontact info, websites, email addresses, and other information companies known to exist can be found at: I would recommend to anyone to go there before applying, everything you could possibly want to know, and more, can be found there.

Any additional, or private help needed, contact me. Here are some list and who you should contact Text121- Contact Lorna email [email protected]Stream- Contact Donna Bailey[email protected]Subjectline put Sex texting positionthen state that would like to work both adult and non-adult texting how can you apply LST- Subjectline Application request[email protected]Evokechat- this company will put you on a waiting list until they need more people they will send you some samples of text for you to try out and email it back to them.[email protected] or [email protected]then theres other like box69but the above is the ones I have success with Good luck Please note: Any work at home or home business advice as well as the opinions expressed within forums and mailing lists are not necessarily those of

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