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If you are having sex and need monogamy then convey that to your partner.If you do not want them texting or calling members of the opposite sex then say so.Which is a critical piece of communication in the first 3 months of dating.Setting a boundary is not an attempt to control the other person – although some of the people who you set boundaries with will certainly accuse you of that – just as some will interpret it as a threat. Use your honey to attract someone who you want coming around, not some fly who wants something for nothing.There are already boundaries more than likely set with visitation (if that is the case) and your time together must be as important.How involved you will both be in the children’s (from past relationships) lives and upbringing should be discussed as well. Some of you may even need to put some barbed wire and shards of glass on top of those walls if you know what I mean…Yes, relationships are two-way streets. But don’t you want to be loved by an honorable man and not a jackass?

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It is important to be as specific as possible, so don’t be afraid to express yourself freely.

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Communication expectations in huge, especially from our experience, with women.

If you expect a certain level of communication, say so right away.

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