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Huffington Post spoke with the designer behind the sequence, Rus Wetherell, and he dished on how it all went down.

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The narrative framework here—that you can take some aptitude tests for job applicants at Weyland’s Project Prometheus—is pretty cool, but that’s not the important part.

The important part is that the tests, simple arrow-key and clicking games that requires no thought at all, are addictive. It’s not clear what the number in your score actually means.

—the website is friendly for those who haven’t yet seen the film. (MORE: TIME’s Richard Corliss reviews viewing experience with a little more background on Weyland, we break down the three coolest features of the company’s website: The Corporate Timeline This page’s URL is touted at the end of the movie, even though a corporate timeline is a pretty basic function.

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Has anyone ever used this site and can offer any views on how good it is (SDs and SBs)?

Check out the footprints in the bottom, lower left hand corner. As illustrated in the Marauder’s Map (which tells you where everyone in the school is located), that looks like it’s suggesting a good old-fashioned snogging in a hidden corner of Hogwarts.

Who do those feet belong to, and what are they getting up to? Alas, it was all very innocent, assured Wetherell, and not meant to be specific to any one character.

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