Sandy and keanu dating

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When De Generes questioned why they never dated, Reeves exclaimed, "We were working!""It was nice to go to work," he added of his time with Bullock, agreeing that their chemistry was real.With the help and support of all the stunt people and everything, that film was a lot of fun to do."As for his favorite memories on the set with Bullock, Reeves recalled, "It was just her talent in all of the environments.We had to pretend some pretty wacky stuff and she was so authentic and her humor and intelligence, authenticity.

"[I] got to meet Sandra Bullock, got to work with her, it was fantastic. was the second one, and a chance to do as much action as I could.Reeves told premiere in May and noted that everyone would love to see him and Bullock back together, he quipped, "So would I."ET recently spoke to Bullock at he 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles, where she acknowledged Reeves having a resurgence in popularity with fans thanks to the massive success of his films and his likability off-screen. He's good."She also joked about the idea of a reunion."Maybe [when we're] 67, 69 years old," Bullock cracked.When asked if she had any special contenders in mind for the still single Reeves, she explained why she wasn't setting him up any time soon."He doesn't need anybody's help! "We'll be old and in the bus where they have that lift for the older people.""We'll be an old married couple," she added of the potential plot.Reeves plays LAPD Jack Traven in the film, who's attempting to rescue passengers on a bus rigged with a bomb that's programmed to explode if the bus isn't going 50 mph or above.Bullock plays Annie Porter, a passenger on the bus who eventually becomes in charge of driving it, and later becomes Traven's love interest.

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