Sagittarius dating aries

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and Sagittarius are a match made in fire sign heaven.

You both cherish your independence and get nauseous at the idea of “settling down” or “growing old together.” Fortunately, you’ve found someone who’d rather retire on a rocket ship than in a rocking chair.

As you elevate each other to new creative heights you may accidentally find yourselves in a relationship…which works better for low-maintenance Sagittarius than it does for fanfare-loving Aries.

Where you clash: Once you’ve sealed the deal, it’s easy to let romance fade into the background.

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Much of the time, this suits the flowy and flexible mutable sign, who may find it hard to make a decision and appreciates the extra help!The cardinal sign will have to be more down-to-earth and less judgmental at times—and stop trying to make over the mutable mate!And the mutable sign should check with the cardinal sign before RSVPing to random events or inviting strangers over for dinner.In this astrology love match, you can motivate each other…or you can find yourself in a power struggle.Two yang signs must be careful not to bulldoze or tread on each others’ turf.

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