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Looking at that time, because of your fear of heights and because you were looking at a scary place, I think Namgoong Min gave off the vibe of a real and responsible husband. But I thought that if you sat on the panel and watched yourself, an honest reaction would come out and I just went with it. Anyway, in the whole you mistakes are husband and stipulation. I was also continually unreserved at the paramount of the foundations rise.

I let time keep going without calculating it and work hard in the given situation. To not even look at another man until the end of WGM. Actually, a year ago before you became a panelist on WGM, you had an interview to be cast as a couple. Towards the reporters Jinyoung is good at broadcasting like this.

She and her team threw themselves into renovating and building school structures, ensuring that all children have the proper facilities in which to learn—yet another of the foundation’s initiatives.

In diamond producing countries like Tanzania, the support of the industry sponsors like Diamond Empowerment Fund, which sponsors the Flaviana Matata Foundation, is crucial, says Matata.

“He’s trying to make this world a better place for everybody,” she says.

“A lot of kids do very well in school but have to quit or stop because they can’t afford school fees, uniforms or even books—the little things we take for granted,” says Matata.

She shares the story of a star student who would not have been able to continue her education without the FMF’s assistance.

The young woman, an orphan, had limited funding to pay school fees.

The slightest extra cost, be it a book or a uniform, would prohibit her from attending—and finishing—classes.

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