Row cannot be located for updating vba

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ADO is much more flexible but requires some knowledge of SQL(a database query language).

It also requires using an external library which may be a bit advanced for a VBA beginner.

In this section you will see how the different methods compare in terms of speed.

Using the fastest method is vital when dealing with large amounts of data.

These are: Using a Pivot Table is the fastest method for summing data.

There is not much difference between the other two methods.

The rest of the article provides a description and code example of each method.

This article covers everything you need to know about Excel VBA Copy methods.

By “Excel VBA Copy Methods”, I mean the different methods you can use to copy data from one range or worksheet to another.

About 1% of the records will match the criteria and will be copied.

So for 20000 records, there will be 200 records copied.

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