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Another scar treatment option is BIOCORNEUM, which is the first quick drying silicone gel scar treatment with SPF 30 cleared by the FDA.

A topical scar management for both new and old scars, it dries quickly to form an invisible, flexible silicone sheet.

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Their expertise and training in various surgical techniques allows them to tailor the procedure to your needs. Koenig begins by making a vertical incision from hip to hip just above the pubic bone.Women who have finished having children may also want cosmetic breast surgery as part of a Mommy Makeover. Koenig's experience and gentle bedside manner help put patients at ease and build an uncommon level of trust.Read On If you're self-conscious about having excess abdominal skin and avoid wearing a bikini or, if you're a man, taking your shirt off in public, a tummy tuck performed by Dr. You should be in good overall health and have reasonable expectations about the results.A mini abdominoplasty, or mini tummy tuck, involves a shorter incision, similar to that of a Caesarean section. Koenig removes excess skin and fat and tighten the layer of skin just below the belly button.A mini tummy tuck is best for patients seeking the majority of correction below the belly button.

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