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Recently, Ted Bauman gave an insight into e-commerce, which is gaining popularity at a very high rate.

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However, even with so much to keep you occupied, sometimes it’s fun to just hope in the car and get away for a bit.

Just south of Fond du Lac, where it joins US 151, Highway 45 reaches a point where it jogs to the west and rejoins I-41 and goes north, around Fond du Lac to the junction with WIS 23.

From there it follows the shore of Lake Winnebago as a two-lane road and then enters and runs through Oshkosh as Main Street.

Sights to See Along the Way Menomonee Falls One of the two major stops along the way is Menomonee Falls, just as you enter Waukesha County.

Unbeknownst to most Wisconsin residents outside of Menomonee Falls, with population of 35,626 this is state’s largest “village,” as the folks there just haven’t gotten around to applying to become a city quite yet.

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