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thankful for the power and workplace equality the women of 2012 have gained. Will Pete ever do anything not slimy and for self-gain?Watching Peggy and Joan navigate the male-dominant advertising world full of Pete Campbells puts into focus every time how far we've come. What did you think of Peggy and Joan's decisions? And, seriously, you have to tell me how you reacted to Joan's story.Milo Anthony Ventimiglia is an American actor best known for his role as Peter Petrelli on the NBC television series Heroes.Ventimiglia was first noticed by fans during his three-year stint on the WB series Gilmore Girls, playing Rory Gilmore's love interest Jess Mariano from 2001 until his final guest appearance in 2006.

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star Alexis Bledel, and this list will give you more details about these lucky dudes.

Today’s generation pink is savvier, especially when it comes to the world of dating.

But in the world of online dating, nearly any woman can fall for a charismatic womanizer, like Draper.

I have a lot to say about it, and I know you do, too.

So, last night [ahem, spoilers ahead] our favorite ladies—Peggy and Joan—both made some big-time, life-changing career moves. Let's start with Peggy, who has long been overlooked and under appreciated by the men of SCDP (Don included).

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