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Instead of painting plates with delicate reductions and positioning microgreens atop towers of protein, they're painting the contours of her back with just the right shade of cinnamon brown and positioning her thick, black hair in waves that make it look like a dark, bottomless sea.When the camera starts clicking, no fewer than 13 people have contributed to dressing and coiffing and making up this multifaceted entrée, this model/actress/culinary diva.A., that she developed what she calls her "Mac Gyver cooking style." "I'd sometimes come home from school and make bean-and-cheese enchiladas and put them in the oven and have a hot meal for my mom when she came home from work. She worked hard for everything I had." Padma matched that work ethic in the kitchen. I would mix cream of potato soup with alphabet soup, a can of each, and add diced jalapeños to it. If it wasn't for the alphabet letters, people would think it was homemade." Perhaps because of those humble beginnings -- with a can of Campbell's finest in one hand, a spoon in the other -- Padma doesn't take herself too seriously, especially in the kitchen. We'd show up reeking of cigarettes and whiskey con Coca-Cola." Her modeling career began with an encounter in a Madrid café and burgeoned over meetings in tapas bars across the city, where she fell hard for simple, classic Spanish dishes like , an egg-and-potato omelet that Padma has been known to pack for picnics with men.But she would love it if some man would reciprocate."I don't know why that is." Maybe it's her well-documented prowess with a spatula and a spice cabinet, or the fact that as executioner on , she makes a living castrating very capable cooks with her trademark death blow: "Please pack your knives and go." No matter.What's important is that in her search for a man who'll cook for her, Padma has offered hope to every man who has ever dreamed of dating out of his league."To this day, one of my favorite things is an ice cold glass of milk at midnight." Go to the next page for three more courses of Padma...

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"You can have very simple food with those light, subtle brushstrokes of flavor," she says, recalling her childhood, "and your cooking can have a delicacy and a very sophisticated quality without being fussy." But when she shuttled back to New York, the smells and tastes of her motherland didn't win her any friends.But the one thing Padma doesn't have, something she's never had, is a man who treats her right in the kitchen."Guys don't cook for me," she'll tell you, with the dejected look of a little girl who just lost her puppy to a fur trader."All of the action of the house was in the kitchen," she notes."All the decisions were made there, all the family secrets revealed." It was in that kitchen, where sights and sounds of cooking seasoned every major event, that Padma fell in love with food.

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