Omar epps dating sanaa

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Simply someone looking out for himself and not overly concerned with the greater good his office should be about.

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Could not understand why I had not seen more of her so I googled here and there and tracked down a copy of Something New. The lady is a talented actress, the camera loves her, and she held her own here against a terrible script and terrible direction. As a critic, I could not help but wonder how this interesting premise might have been better handled with the right people behind the camera ...

This would eventually lead to Sanaa Lathan table-reading for the role of ‘Monica’ in the film. Lathan notes that she was the backup choice to play the lead role in L&B, as the undisclosed actress apparently got sick. Prince-Bythewood had to think of some alternative choices for the role of Monica, which lead to a fascinating casting call because… It was very important to me to have an athlete, so when we started auditions, they had to read, but they also had to meet me on the court … I [wanted to] read Serena Williams [she spoke to our casting director, but she was unavailable], I read Marion Jones [for an audition on tape], you know, before the controversy.

Who was the actress that was supposedly the top choice? I just wanted to be creative about it and find who embodied this character.

In my opinion, Love & Basketball is one of the few films in the world that both men and women will have no issue sitting down and watching.

Although the title might explain it all, this movie somehow created the ultimate recipe to lure anyone and everyone in: sports, romance, good looking characters, quality storylines and comedy.

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