Officially dating someone

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[Read: 10 definite signs it’s time for that relationship talk] They want a relationship Figure out how they’re feeling about you and your relationship beforehand.

If you’re unfamiliar with how to do this, here’s how you know they want a relationship. If someone is making long-term plans with you or asking you to go on a date that’s a month down the line, then they see a future with you.

If they’re always talking about how shitty their previous relationships were, it’s a red flag.

If this is the case, they probably want to be in a relationship with you. 10 grim signs you might just regret it] #2 They talk about being in a relationship.

They don’t want to confirm plans with you for any longer because they’re not sure they see themselves with you that far out.

[Read: How to stop liking someone you know you can never have] #2 They talk negatively about their past relationship.

Others go into date number one questioning whether or not they should be in a serious relationship based on how much they like the person and how many dates before a relationship is official.

They don’t stress about making things official right away.

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