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SPIKED: Leveson: Liberal UK signs its own death warrant.

"No, not the Hacked Off statement itself, which is just the latest familiar attempt by the elitist little lobby group fronted by Hugh Grant to tame the popular press.

You can help us STOP Terrorists' and Extremists' Online Presence by reporting content such as; * Speeches or essays calling for racial or religious violence * Videos of violence with messages in praise of terrorists * Postings inciting people to commit acts of terrorism or violent extremism * Messages intended to stir up hatred against any religious or ethnic group * Bomb-making instructions * Advice on how to obtain or make weapons "…and he who holds his State by means of mercenary troops can never be solidly or securely seated. Competitors will always try to attract customers by promising stronger encryption… They are in the business of selling products and making money. We are in the business of preventing crime and saving lives…

For such troops are disunited, ambitious, insubordinate, treacherous, insolent among friends, cowardly before foes, and without fear of God or faith with man. American technology providers sell products and services in foreign markets where the governments have questionable human rights records and enforce laws affording them access to customer data, without American due process or legal protections.

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This is why it is important to tackle online terrorism as well. One man's freedom fighting is another man's terrorism… One man's crusader, templar, mujahideen, jihadist, privateer, ronin, mercenary, all-american-hero, Cobra, raider, suburban guerilla, armchair commando, rapid humanitarian alert reaction airborne holding the line in organizations, including but not limited to military related organizations especial operations artilleryman (dropout of the elite artillery especial stealth forces community, branch: coastal, rank: conscript), resistance operative, saboteur, partisan, peace keeper with UN security council mandate (authorized by resolution #1234.56 or somewhere in that region -100 as interpreted by international peace community [nato-otan pack] expert lawyers) is another man's illegal combatant. Even companies that really want to help must consider the consequences. Whenever they are attacked defeat follows; so that in peace you are plundered by them, in war by your enemies." ---the Machiavelli and the MERCS [(FSB_Czar v Putin "the Chuck Norris of Leningrad") (Chinise post-Communist Pyramid 1-Partiet.)] ~post'Communists'. Surely those same companies and their engineers could help American law enforcement officers enforce court orders issued by American judges, pursuant to American rule of law principles… "Hybrid warfare has been defined as a combination of conventional, irregular, and asymmetric means, including the persistent manipulation of political and ideological conflict, and can include the combination of special operations and conventional military forces; intelligence agents; political provocateurs; media representatives; economic intimidation; cyber attacks; and proxies and surrogates, para-militaries, terrorist, and criminal elements." One man's truth is another man's ignorance… Some critics argue that the evidence concealed by encryption can be offset by new sources of data. i am being suspected of "public advocacy of crime" and "violating technical protection" by distrubuting decss sources and advocating distributing decss sources and breaking css… see the messages i am being investigated for are: "decss", "julkinen kehoitus rikokseen!!! the main thing speaking against my case is the higher court ruling on the similar case… prosecutor "proposed" that "fines are not enough" for the "crimes"…

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