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Salima Naji has worked for years to save from oblivion the communal granaries of the Atlas mountains: real fortified citadels in which to protect the harvests and goods.(Photo Mehdi Benssid)" width="620" height="412" /The Moroccan architect and anthropologist Salima Naji has worked for years to save from oblivion the communal granaries of the Atlas mountains: real fortified citadels in which to protect the harvests and goods.Each family had a room (in the largest granaries there were over 500) in which to protect their crops and seeds, oil, honey, dates, dried figs, sheepskins, family documents and jewellery from the harsh temperatures of the winter period or from wars and sieges.Each complex also had a communal room where everyone took a proportion of their own harvest as aid for the indigent.In many cases the buildings have been abandoned, in others they are still in partial use, while yet others are in need of maintenance.In the majority of cases the guardian, the man who preserves the memory of the ancestors and holds the keys of the citadel, has no desire to leave the site.

She has a fascination with the work of the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy (who died in 1989) and his almost exclusive reliance on mudbricks, and she sees the potentialities of earth, bamboo and quicklime as providing the keystone for reconstruction.Yasmeen Lari (nella foto) ha individuato nelle potenzialità della terra, del bambù e della calce viva la chiave di volta per la ricostruzione di migliaia di villaggi del Pakistan martoriati negli ultimi anni da continui disastri, terremoti e alluvioni.(Courtesy Heritage Foundation)" width="620" height="413" /Yasmeen Lari (pictured) sees the potential of earth, bamboo and quicklime as providing the cornerstone for the reconstruction of thousands of Pakistani villages ravaged in the last few years by continual disasters, such as earthquakes and floods.There are a multitude of professionals around the world who are “engaged on the front” and who, despite a scarcity of means, are working on what is necessary, on the collective, on the marginal, on the local.And many of these people – perhaps out of a certain maternal spirit, a special attachment to the earth or an inclination for the social or perhaps just by chance – are women.

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