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They went to lunch, and had the time of their lifes. The first day of school came along, and there they were, staring me down, hating me. They got into a huge argument and he cussed her mom out and it was all just a big mess.I couldnt help but keep looking at them in jealousy. I had dated one guy that has had a crush on me since before i could rememeber and i more or less used him to get over my previous heartbreak. I felt bad, but it had to be done, i was miserable. One morning before i left for school, I went and checked on my dad.I was wearing the same white dress I got married in.My deceased husband looked sad, and couldn't look at me. I was sitting on my couch, scrolling through Facebook, when i noticed my sisters ex-boyfriend posting online asking if anyone wanted to hang out.I had to walk down the street so my sister wouldnt see me and him together.

His friend liked it because his frined knew i wasnt the only one he was talking to. We had went to this bridge and made up for EVERYTHING we had been through in the summer. We tried to keep it a secret, but ended up letting everyone know after the second day of keeping it a secret. We were happy for about 8 months, then something hit the fan. My mom wants to have a big wedding for us, and he graduates high school this year, while i still have to go for 2 more years. Neither of us can believe were still togther after all of this, ESPECIALLY considering hes dated my older sister before me!" I was to scared to say no but to scared to say yes. Afterwards i was so in shock as to what had just happened, i didnt say a word to him the whole ride home. I used the bathroom about 30 times that day, in fear of getting pregnant.I nodded my head ad he walked out of the room, and came back with a condom in his hand. I was dissapointed in myself, and couldnt even bare the thought of what my parents would think of me.We hung out everyday, and couldnt be wihtout each other. The reason was "my friends keep maing fun of me cause i dated your older sister, im sorry but its over." My world crashed down around me.My stomach twisted itself up every which way possible. The boy who took my virginity is leaving me." I cried and cried, so much my older sister comforted me, and messaged him on facebook, and cussed him out for breaking my heart. I had skipped church cause i was still in so much pain. He tricked me into believeing a bunch of nonesence.

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