Ms access rowsource not updating

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In the Northwind sample database, the Products form has a Category ID combo.This example shows how to add a new category by typing one that does not already exist in the combo: If the combo's source table has several fields, you need a form.It is not written to the real table in the back end.

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The example below is for a Customer ID combo on an order form.

If you edit the list (adding, deleting, or modifying items), Access stores the changes in the properties of the field in the table.

Does this solve the problems associated with keeping the list in the form? If the database is split (so the table is attached), the changed Value List is updated in the linked table in the front end only.

Perhaps the combo's Dbl Click event, a custom shortcut menu, or the click of a command button beside the combo. There are several issues to solve here, since the edit form may already be open. This approach is suitable for free-form text fields where the value might be similar to other records, but could also be quite different.

Add code like this to the combo's event: Dim cbo As Combo Box Dim i Err Count As Integer Const strc Calling Form = "Orders" If Current Project. For example, a comments field where comments might be similar to another record, but could be completely different.

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