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I’ve adopted a reserved “wait and see” position with Ancestry relative to ethnicity.I put the word “known” in quotes here, because oral history does not constitute “known” and it’s certainly not proof.His European family history does not reflect Native heritage and in fact, precludes it.So, the end result is that you receive very interesting information about your genetic history that often does not correlate with what you expected – and you are left scratching your head.For the most part, documented genealogy does constitute “known” but you can never “know” about an undocumented adoption, also referred to as a “nonparental event” or NPE.One thing is for sure, if you don’t test, you will never know.

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For example, if you carry Celtic ancestry, would you be surprised to see Germanic results and think they are “wrong?

She has blazed her own trail in her showbiz career.

As of this writing, she appears in a supporting role in "Walang Hanggan", a primetime drama romance by ABS-CBN, which joins her in an ensemble cast with Julia Montes, Coco Martin and veteran actors such as Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Helen Gamboa and Susan Roces. After her discovery in a talent search in 2004, Miss Melissa Ricks co-anchored in various TV shows by the ABS-CBN network, notably "SCQ Reload" and the weekend variety program "ASAP fanatic".

Sometimes, they'll have paragraphs here and there about mestizos in history books, but it's always on the surface, saying mestizos were richer than the rest of the population, etc.

but never fully exploring what the lives of those mestizos were like during those times and it's not fully explained like it is in history books about Latin America, which has entire volumes written about the mestizo colonial experience in Spanish America, which I've all read and have spent hours and hours reading in the library, which is why I understand it so much, which has also helped me understand my own Filipino culture.

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