Maria sharapova djokovic dating

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But what stunned me in the interview is that she said she finally had a social life, which included drinking more alcohol than ever before and dating two guys at the same time!Here’s a quote from The Russian opened up about her ex-boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov and said how they talked for hours at a NYC restaurant a couple of months ago.Moreover, what happened to the giant engagement ring on Sharapova’s left hand?According to the sharp eye of our reader Katrin, who pitched me to dig into this issue, the ring has been missing since about the start of the summer.ANOTHER fellow tennis player, Grigor Dimitrov and Sharapova got together after he saw her playing in 2013 - and 'decided to email her right away'.The Bulgarian had formerly been with Maria's on-court nemesis Serena Williams, who refused to make a comment about the pair whilst they were together.

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SHARAPOVA met Sasha Vujacic, a 6ft7 basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, in 2009.WHILST sidelined with a shoulder injury in 2008, Sharapova dated the television producer Charlie Ebersol.He'd survived a plane crash which killed his brother three years earlier and is the son of former NBC Sports Chairman Dick Ebersol.But once again, Sharapova is smart and she could just be distracting the media. Just two days ago Sharapova reignited the fire by uttering the word “pregnant” while talking about her recent ultrasound for a stomach virus: All in all, I suppose that everything is still fine between her and Sasha, especially because she’s mentioning the possibility of being pregnant.

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