Love triangle dating game

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Love Triangle is ultimately much too short and linear, however, and feels like a slickly produced demo.

Dating Challenge centers around Lucas, a himbo who's into football, "the ladies," and--strangely enough--Jane Austen novels.

Or perhaps more importantly, what are you willing to surrender in exchange for it...?

Sadly this is gonna be mostly a tutorial for windows users and not mac users (since i don’t have a mac nor do I know how ANYTHING works on there) So sorry in advance for you guys!!

Really, you're making an amazing job, I have never thought I'd be so interested on a dating simulator with that psychotic and insane dream demon, haha!

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This is accomplished by selecting options in expanding dialogue trees.

Even a slight flirtation with Kiki in the penultimate chapter proves to be just that--a directionless dalliance.

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The game stars Erica (concealed deep within frumpy, faded jeans), who's caught between the allegiances of friendship and the urges of her loins.

The drama unfolds through mostly static cutscenes, featuring self-consciously trendy dialogue that will charm even pop-culture cynics.

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