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In fact, if you’re watching now there are TWO audio feeds – one from the cavity and one from the picnic area. As most of you know, this is a fundraiser for Starr Ranch with the proceeds allowing us to do many things here at Starr Ranch, which includes providing the cams.

Pete 04-12-19 Egg laying and hatching update provided by emma. – hatched 4/10 between 9 am and 10 am Egg # 3 – 3/12 – p.m.

Well, just this weekend Robert, our seasonal ornithologist, noticed they had a nest in the eucalyptus tree at the far end from the cavity euc – about 50′ away. Anyway, some of you may recall that several years ago GHOWs nested in an old RSHA nest on a limb in a euc NEXT to the cavity euc. So if you’re interested in helping us do this you might want to jump in on the . They are what allows us to provide these cams, fund habitat restoration, provide nature education programs, advocate for more habitat protection, and more.

The line of site between the cavity and the GHOW nest was not more than 20′. Please consider helping Starr Ranch pay for these cams, maintenance and streaming. Thanks, Pete 02-19-19 One of the BNOWs (At least I suspect it was one of them) caught what appears to be a woodrat at the trail cam around 4AM.

But I’m quite sure that the GHOWs back then could see BNOW chicks in the cavity. Pete 03-25-19 Thanks to all who pledged to donate to the 2019 Starr Ranch Barn Owl Egg Pledge! In any case, I think that there may be a relationship between both male and female energy levels and things related that may cause them to delay egg laying until conditions are better for them to pull off a successful clutch. Pete 02-14-19 I took the cam from Watering Hole #2 and put it on Bell Creek to let you see the water coming down the canyon.

You’ll soon receive an email from me coming from (so check your spam folder if you do not receive it) with how to fulfill your pledge if you haven’t already. Still way less than we’ve seen in the past, but nonetheless a lot. Pete 02-01-19 last Thursday night on our trail cam around 11PM.

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