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In the trailer, they manage to make many faux pas, including touching the queen and releasing a swarm of killer bees.

Steve Coogan, Hugh Laurie, and Ralph Fiennes are all visible in the trailer.

Few details have been released about the upcoming comedy - but we can gather some from the trailer.

We do know is the plot follows Holmes and Watson as they try to prevent the assassination of the Queen.

Reilly together with Rebecca Hall stars in this film directed by Etan Cohen entitled,"Holmes & Watson".

The movie comes out the day before in the USA, on Christmas Day.

Australia and Ireland also have a Boxing Day release, followed by Hungary on the 27, and Estonia and Lithuania on December 28.

Last to get the comedy is France on February 27, 2019.

Will Ferrell plays the eponymous detective Sherlock Holmes. Reilly plays the titular Dr John Watson, who worked previously with Ferrel in Step Brothers.

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