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For this reason, Smart Grid Energy has been supporting Lancey’s solutions from the beginning.

I probably never would have found out if it wasn't for me doing something that I had never done before.

But Alan Alda and Gene Reynolds and Twentieth Century Fox; the folks behind MASH; wouldn't let her out of her contract; so she was stuck with finishing up MASH while Sharon Gless and Meg Foster both played Lacey for the series.

See more » Actor Sidney Clute passed away during the run of the series.

" The writing and acting was always first rate,one of my favourite episodes was "Burn Out" when Lacey,all set for a much needed vacation has her leave cancelled at the last minute and goes AWOL and ends up on a beach and after spending time with a woman of a similar age,who has drifted all her life, Lacey realises although she sometimes has to juggle so many things,she loves her life.

Its connectivity to Lancey energy management system on the cloud enables it to auto-set up to automatically adapt to your habits, power contract, weather data...In total it is up to 50% of your bill you can save with our technology.The ingenious solution proposed by Lancey’s team has prevailed to address some of our most important challenges as a metropole : cost control, carbon footprint and energy consumption reduction, better management of our staff’s comfort, demand response services to the grid. Demand response services provided by Lancey’s batteries bring flexibility to the grid and thus enable a better integration of renewable intermittent energies.I hope this entire series comes out on DVD soon,including the Meg Foster episodes too, I highly recommend it.You can select your comfort temperature, turn your heater on and off and put it in frost protection directly with its manual interface.

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