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Geez, R43, have you even considered Washington may have been upset at something/someone completely unrelated to her coworker? Isn't the point of the thread that Tony and Kerry might be having a secret affair?

OMG, maybe she's secretly fucking Obama, and Michelle found out! R45, Of course, something else could be irking her...

I think they're just friends, really just co-workers. She used her influence to get him the audition for Ghost. During the filming the cast and crew DID NOT know Tony and Jane were married.

R48, Jane scooped up Tony when he was 21 years old. R51, well if he was just using her I guess it wouldn't have lasted this long. Even in the younger pic I didn't see much evidence of physical attractiveness on her part.

No one has mentioned here yet that Tony is Samuel Goldwyn's grandson - he, being the head of Samuel Goldwyn Studios ("Best Years Of Our Lives", "Wuthering Heights", "Porgy & Bess", etc), his father is also a major producer, and his brother, John, was once married to actress, Colleen Camp, came out as gay, and is now married to Jeffrey Klein, he of the JK Hotel Group, that owns, among others, LA's celeb hangout, The Sunset Tower Hotel. Klein just purchased We Ho's famed San Vicente Inn, and is going to revamp it, with his 'touch' - but keeping it clothing optional.

So in the immortal words of Faye, as Joan - ' Hollywood Royalty'She is the one who made the smart move and married into a Hollywood royal family.

Tony and Gina spend at least 40% of the movie buck naked and fucking all over Griffin Dunne and Annette O'Toole's house. That's why everyone is so surprised by the sexual chemistry. Tony Goldwyn loves himself some Dr Kerry Washington. Is it not obvious that the stallion(Tony) and the mare(Kerry) have mounted each other and torn the stable down....

In a scenario fit for the juicy series, Tony Goldwyn’s real-life wife is jealous over his too-close-for-comfort relationship with his on-screen love interest, Kerry Washington.Did something happen to Musky or something, there are pictures of her a few years ago and the difference is night and day.She was much prettier, they don't even look like the same person.If you have ever seen all the pixs of Tony and Kerry promoting Scandal they are always very close. Kerry has dead eyes - she never has dead eyes, especially when she is around Tony.Also, at the WHCD the Scandal team were supposed to be at the same table - Shonda, Tony, Kerry and Betsy(producer). Tony and Jane ended up at another ABC table - not with the Scandal cast. Who do you think is his date - Jane or Martha Raddatz from ABC News?

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